Research Interests

  • Platform ecosystems
  • Technology & innovation
  • Knowledge communities
  • Cybersecurity management

Selected Journal Publications

  • Huang, Peng, Gaoyan Lyu, and Yi Xu, “Quality Regulation on Two-Sided Platforms: Exclusion, Subsidization, and First-party Applications,” forthcoming in Management Science. [SSRN]
  • Huang, Peng, and Henry Lucas (2021), “Early Exploration of MOOCs in the U.S. Higher Education: An Absorptive Capacity Perspective,” ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, 12(3), Article 22. [PDF]
  • Liu, Chewei, Peng Huang, and Henry Lucas (2020), “Centralized IT Decision Making and Cybersecurity Breaches: Evidence from U.S. Higher Education Institutions,” Journal of Management Information Systems, 37(3), 758-787. [PDF]
  • Pan, Yang, Peng Huang, and Anand Gopal (2019), “Storm Clouds on the Horizon? New Entry Threats and R&D Investments in the U.S. IT Industry,” Information Systems Research, 30(2), 540–562. [PDF] [Data]
  • Pan, Yang, Peng Huang, and Anand Gopal (2018), “Board Independence and Firm Performance in the IT Industry: The Moderating Role of New Entry Threats,” MIS Quarterly, 42(3), 979-1000. [PDF]
  • Huang, Peng, Ali Tafti, and Sunil Mithas (2018), “Platform Sponsor’s Investments and User Contributions in Knowledge Communities: The Role of Knowledge Seeding,” MIS Quarterly, 42(1), 213-240. [PDF]
  • Huang, Peng, and Zhongju (John) Zhang (2016), “Participation in Open Knowledge Communities and Job-Hopping: Evidence from Enterprise Software,” MIS Quarterly, 40(3), 785-806. [PDF]
  • Huang, Peng, Marco Ceccagnoli, Chris Forman, and D.J. Wu (2013), “Appropriability Mechanisms and the Platform Partnership Decision: Evidence from Enterprise Software,” Management Science, 59(1), 102-121. [PDF]
  • Ceccagnoli, Marco, Chris Forman, Peng Huang, and D.J. Wu (2012), “Cocreation of Value in a Platform Ecosystem: The Case of Enterprise Software,” MIS Quarterly, 36(1), 263-290. [PDF]
  • Huang, Peng, Nicholas H. Lurie, and Sabyasachi Mitra (2009), “Searching for Experience on the Web: An Empirical Examination of Consumer Behavior for Search and Experience Goods,” Journal of Marketing, 73(2), 55-69.  [PDF]

Articles in Practitioner Journals

  • Huang, Peng, Ali Tafti, and Sunil Mithas (2018), “The Secret to Successful Knowledge Seeding,” MIT Sloan Management Review, 59(3), 10-13. [PDF]
  • Ceccagnoli, Marco, Chris Forman, Peng Huang, and D.J. Wu (2014), “Digital Platforms: When Is Participation Valuable?” Communications of the ACM, 57(2), 38-39. [PDF]

Book Chapters/Monographs

  • Huang, Peng, Atreyi Kankanhalli, Harris Kyriakou, and Rajiv Sabherwal, “Knowledge Management,” in MIS Quarterly Research Curations, Ashley Bush and Arun Rai, Eds., April 30, 2018.